Classic 2.0 Saviors.
Live on 25. October 2017

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Try out the new Lineage 2 Classic Chronicle 2.0 Saviors update

We are the first international server that opens a midrate craft-pvp 2.0 Classic Server x20 rates just for you.
We have balanced everything in game so you can feel the oldschool experience
Join us today and test out the new Lineage2 Classic.

Grand Opening Announced

Open Beta is opening doors at 20:00 on 4th of October
Live Grand Opening is taking place on 20:00 on 25th of OCtober
During Beta Olympiad will be 24/7
Also we have added a BETA NPC in Giran.

More Infos

Fully Alt+B Community Board / Full Buffs 2 hours / Mana Potions
GM-Shop up to C grade / Global Gatekeeper /
First Class and Second Class Free - 3rd Class = 50kk Adena
Auto Loot Items / Auto Learn Skills
Offline trader with command .offline
Sieges every Sunday / Gludio Castle is allowed just for clans lvl 3-4.
If you get close to a RaidBoss ( 3000 radius ) you will auto flag.

The Olympiad

Heroes every Sunday.
Olympiad from Tuesday to Saturday, 5 days a week, from 20:00 to 00:00.
Starting points 30.
150 Matches every week.

How to connect?

Help us by donating!

Do I have to pay something?

Of course not, we do not charge any fees for playing on

By submitting a donation

that means you want to help us with our project, to help pay the server development and fees.

You will be rewarded

for your contribution with Donation Pounds. You can use the Donation Pounds to buy IN GAME items.

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